According to a recent press release from the Augusta GreenJackets, SRP Park has made a change to their operations for the upcoming season.  The change is an effort to make the fan experience more seamless.  SRP Park is going cashless in 2023.  This change will begin on March 7th for the SRP Park College Baseball Showcase.

Transition to Cashless

More and more venues are choosing to go cashless.  But GreenJackets’ Management didn’t make this decision without a lot of thought.  As they looked at the fan experience, they want to streamline everything for fans- from concessions, parking, and the retail experience.  They felt this season was the time to transition.

The Augusta GreenJackets have partnered with Appetize to invest in a new point-of-sale system.  As a result, this will enhance the fan experience with the ability to accept additional payment services at concessions (Apple Pay, Google Pay, & Samsung Pay). Mobile ordering in the lower seating bowl is being offered again this season.

The idea is cashless operations will make for faster transactions, and help keep inflationary controls in place to better serve fans.

What does SRP Park going cashless mean?

The venue will not be accepting cash.  They will accept all major debit cards, credit cards, and digital payments through SRP Park.  Medac, the hotel, and stadium parking garages are also included in the cashless change.

But… they will still take cash.  Here’s how it will work, according to the press release:

Although we are going cashless, WE ARE STILL TAKING CASH. Fans can convert cash inside SRP Park by loading their ticket at one of our designated locations: The SRP Box Office and at the Advanced Ticket Window inside the Hive Pro Shop. The value loaded on the ticket will be good to spend at any SRP Park concession and merchandise stands throughout the ballpark.  Guests will see signage all over SRP Park and staff members will be available to assist patrons who need additional help getting started.

Additionally, cash will still be accepted at the SRP Park Box Office and with third party vendors.

The cashless decision has become common at most ballparks, including the Atlanta Braves and Truist Park. The GreenJackets signed a 10-year licensing agreement with the MLB in 2021.  Part of that agreement requires minor league teams to modernize facilities.  This transition to cashless is a step in that direction.

SRP Park Going Cashless

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