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There is a Georgia brewery selling sewage beer, and its sold out! Yep, you read that right, but don’t jump to conclusions just yet. I know it sounds gross, but its actually a pretty cool concept. I think the biggest part is getting past how its brewed. However once you do, I think you can enjoy it. It is selling out after all, so its gotta be good right?

According to The Drinks Business, Fox City Brewing Company in Forsyth, Georgia is selling a beer called “Revival Lager” and its made from treated sewage water. So yes, the sewage water is treated before they brew the beer. According to Fox City Brewing Company, the beer is an “eco-friendly lager made from highly repurposed and recycled water”.

So how did they come up with this idea? According to Chris Bump from Fox City Brewing, the idea came to him via the Canadian water technology company H20 Innovation which operates a sewage treatment plant in Forsyth and wanted a beer to serve at its annual symposium of the WaterReuse Association.

I feel like when you hear that the beer is brewed from sewage water, you’re either going to try it or its going to be a hard pass. If you do want to try the beer its not going to cost you much. “Revival Lager” is only $4. The water to make the beer is free, so that helps keep the price down. Its actually the cheapest beer on the menu. If you want to read the full article from The Drinks Business about the Georgia brewery selling sewage beer, just click here.

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