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Today (9/25) is National One Hit Wonder Day, and the 2000’s gave us some of the best one hit wonders that country music has ever seen.

A quick disclaimer before we get into the list: yes, maybe a few of these artists had more than one song to actually make it onto the charts. But, I’m defining ‘one hit wonders’ here, as an artist who, when you say their name, only one song usually comes to mind.

Gone but never forgotten, here are my top 10 one-hit country one-hit wonders of the 2000’s:

10. Steve Azar “I Don’t Have To Be Me ‘Til Monday” (2002)

Still a Friday bop, tbh.


9. Billy Gilman “One Voice” (2000)

8. Cyndi Thomson “What I Really Meant To Say” (2001)

Be honest, you had totally forgotten that this song ever existed, but as soon as you hear it, you’re like, “I LOVE THAT SONG!”

7. James Otto “Just Got Started Lovin’ You” (2008)

6. Julie Roberts “Break Down Here” (2004)

Like Billy Gilman, Julie Roberts also appeared as a contestant on The Voice, but hasn’t achieved the notoriety that she received from her one and only hit, which is still a breakup playlist staple.

5. Chad Brock “Yes” (2000)

Fun fact: Before making it big (for a minute) with his one and only hit, he was a morning show co-host with Cledus T. Judd in Florida! These days, Chad is trying to break into politics, and even ran for the Senate in 2014.

4. Heartland “I Loved Her First” (2006)

Honestly, this song is still one of the most popular songs for Father/Daughter dances at weddings, so these guys are probably still making bank off of their one and only hit. Quality over quantity!

3. Jessica Andrews “Who I Am” (2001)

Jessica was only 18 when she made it big with her only big hit. Although she has continued to release new music in recent years, “Who I Am” remains her trademark song.

2. SheDaisy “Little Goodbyes” (1999)

  1. The Wreckers “Leave The Pieces” (2006) 


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