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There are a bunch of new flavors out there, so a Peeps Taste Test was needed! Cody and I were talking about the new Kettle Corn Flavored Peeps on the show the other day. Well I found them at the Kroger in Grovetown. However, when I went to buy them I saw that there were other new flavors of Peeps. Well I figured we should try those too!

So we’ve got Kettle Corn, Fruit Punch and Hot Tamale flavored Peeps. I used to be a big fan of Peeps back when I was a kid, but Peeps have kind of lost their luster to me now. Not saying that I’ll turn down a Peep, but I also don’t go seeking out the Peeps. When it comes to Easter candy, I’m more of a jellybean guy, oh and the Robin’s Eggs too!

Cody and I are always willing to take one for the team and try stuff for the internet. We’d hate for you to waste your hard earned money on something that might not be that good. So we tried them first. We’ll give you our honest opinion.

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And now we give you the Peeps Taste Test!