Scotty McCreery is coming back to the Kicks99 Guitar Pull this year! We can’t wait to have him back. Kicks Country loves Scotty, and he loves all of y’all right back! This year’s show is going to be one of the best ones ever.

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Guitar Pull artist number five is Scotty McCreery!


Scotty McCreery [00:00:00] Good morning, ya’ll, it’s Scotty McCreery. How you doing?

Cody [00:00:03] Scotty McCreery coming back to Augusta.

Dub [00:00:06] The only person that my grandma loves more than me is Scotty McCreery. What’s up, dude?

Scotty McCreery [00:00:12] Dude, nothin’ much. Just hanging out on the road and just wanted to call and let you know I’m coming down for Guitar Pull this year. I can’t wait.

Dub [00:00:21] Man we cannot wait to see you. Scotty McCreery back in Augusta. I’m telling you, Kicks Country loves them some Scotty McCreery.

Cody [00:00:28] Absolutely. So excited to have you back on the show this year.

Dub [00:00:31] For sure. Now we got to talk about some major life changes that have been going on since the last time we saw you.

Cody [00:00:37] Yeah, so it’s been a couple of years and lots of things have happened. But one of those is you became a dad. So how is dad life going and what have you learned?

Scotty McCreery [00:00:47] Yeah, it is the coolest thing ever. Thank you. It’s really just I don’t remember life before it, you know? So he’s a little Avery just grown like a weed. And it’s been nine months, and it already feels like forever. And, you know, I don’t know. It just changes your whole perspective. And as far as what I do for a living, like songwriting and making a record, it’s completely changed because, you know, not every song’s a baby song, but I mean, he’s at least inspired some kind of line in every song, you know. So it’s, it’s, it’s really just been the coolest thing I’ve ever done.

Dub [00:01:16] You know, you’re absolutely right. You know, my wife and I, we we welcomed the birth of a baby girl. She she’s 11 months old now. And you’re right, dude. You’re like, now you can’t remember life before your baby was in it. Like, what did what did you do before you were a dad? What did you talk about? Right. Like, you can’t imagine not being a dad.

Scotty McCreery [00:01:36] I know. I mean, your life is just spinnin’ around this kid and that. And you. It changes everything. And you want it to be. You’re like, the guys are asking me to go play golf. And you’re like, No, I think I’d rather just stay at home with with the baby today. Because, you know, especially with what I do on the road so much and just being away from everybody, it’s when I get home, I want to want to hang with everybody.

Dub [00:01:55] Let me tell you. So my wife and I, we had the opportunity. We were down in Florida visiting her family recently. And my mother-in-law was like, hey, I’ll keep the baby. Y’all go have a date night. And we’re like, Cool. So we went and had a a nice dinner and then we ended up going clothes shopping for the baby. That was our date night.

Scotty McCreery [00:02:10] Right, exactly.It’s everything, man. Everything changes.

Dub [00:02:14] 100%. So, Scotty, let’s talk about it, man, because, you know, you played our Kicks 99 Guitar Pull twice now. Kicks country loves you. Let’s talk about some of your memories of playing one of the biggest shows in the country.

Scotty McCreery [00:02:25] Yeah, my word. I mean, we’ve done it a couple of times now, like you said. And I just remember I’m still a fan. Like, you know, for me, it’s cool to be on the stage and get to play my own songs and, you know, tell the stories behind them. But for me, I also love just being on stage and like listening to everybody down the way, play their songs and tell their stories so. I think last time I was there, I think Darius was there as well. And I mean just all of his country hits, but then he’ll even throw in some Hootie songs. I was like, you know, I grew up listening to the stuff and what was it? I think it was Jon Pardi and Brothers Osborne last time I was there.

Dub [00:03:00] Yeah, yeah, yeah, that’s right.

Scotty McCreery [00:03:01] I’m always just a fan and get to hear some great country music and y’all do such a good job with it. That’s why it’s. It’s packed every single year.

Dub [00:03:10] Dude, hey, Scotty, we cannot wait to have you back in Augusta, man. You’ve been here a bunch of times. Dude we’ve watched you grow up here in Kicks Country, man, And we can’t wait to have you back on stage at Kicks 99’s Guitar Pull. It’s Going to be a great night.

Scotty McCreery [00:03:21] Dude, I’m fired up to be there. Can’t wait to see y’all and be back at Guitar Pull. It’s going to be a big time. So appreciate y’all having me.

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