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Hardy and Morgan Wallen perform onstage during CASH FEST In Celebration Of YouTube Originals Documentary THE GIFT: THE JOURNEY OF JOHNNY CASH at War Memorial Auditorium on November 10, 2019.

For most of 2020, and in some cases, even into 2021, concerts and other live events have either been cancelled or limited capacity, due to COVID-19 concerns. The CDC has discouraged large gatherings, and is still encouraging people to keep six feet of social distance between others.

Over the weekend, after several outlets announced Joe Biden as the projected winner of the presidential election, large crowds gathered in streets all over the country – some in celebration, and some in protest – but all with very little or no social distancing in place.

Morgan Wallen took to Instagram stories to share his thoughts. “The hypocrisy is unreal,” he said, after sharing a photo of a densely populated group that resembled a concert gathering.

“Time to start booking shows,” Morgan wrote in the caption.

Wallen went on to say that although he doesn’t mind if people disagree with him, he has people to support. “I have a family, band and crew that need to be provided for and taken care of,” he says. “If it’s ok for us to party in the streets with no ‘social distancing,’ then we can book shows right now.”

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