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You Voted-Here Are The Best Margaritas In Augusta & Aiken

We all know a margarita is the best summer time drink to cool off. We asked you and you voted on the best margaritas in Augusta! Margaritas are a drink that people are very passionate about and most believe their way is the best way. With so many different ways to make them, so many different flavors and so many tricks to making them unique, it can be a heated discussion. A margarita is the perfect summer drink. You can enjoy it with a great Mexican meal, a steak, seafood or just on the deck at home. What Makes The Best Margaritas In Augusta Variety, that seems to be the key to a great margarita. There are so many recipes that you almost can't go wrong making them. Other than being easy to make, you have options. From on the rocks, straight up or frozen to the many different flavors, there's a margarita for almost everyone If you are like me and not a big fan of tequila, you can use vodka as your base alcohol. No matter what style or flavor you like, a margarita hits the spot. Just like this one Flavors & More Flavors. That's The Key Variety is the spice of life for sure. We now know that you can use vodka in place of tequila and we know we can use pretty much in flavor we want. What are the top flavors that could be in the best margaritas in Augusta? According to Cock Tail Courier these are the top 10 flavors for summer time margariatas. 1. A Classic2. Watermelon3. Jalapeno4. Grapefruit5. Cucumber6. Pineapple7. Peach8. Mango9. Coconut10. Raspberry So have fun with your flavor and make your margaritas the best margaritas in Augusta. So we asked you who had the best margaritas in Augusta and you voted and here we go. Voted on by you here is where you for margarita fix.

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