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One of my favorite moments from last night’s ACM Awards was Carrie Underwood’s tribute medley to the women of the Grand Ole Opry. One of the songs in the tribute was Martina McBride’s “A Broken Wing.”

Carrie was my favorite contestant on her season of American Idol, and I voted for her religiously every week. One week, Carrie performed “A Broken Wing” on Idol, and, of course, KILLED it.

Watching her sing the song last night on the ACMs, I wondered if Idol contestant Carrie could’ve ever imagined where she’d end up one day. I wonder if she could’ve imagined that she would not only win Idol, but become a country superstar in her own right, singing “A Broken Wing” on the Opry stage.

It’s obvious that Carrie’s love of “A Broken Wing” goes back even further than her time competing on American Idol. Here’s rare video of 14-year old Carrie performing the song in a talent show as a high school freshman!

Watch: 14-year-old Carrie Underwood wows crowd with rendition of "A Broken Wing"

Carrie Underwood s name has been lighting up the Billboard charts since she won American Idol in 2005. Since bursting onto the music scene, the Checotah nati...

Her style may have changed, but that voice is as perfect and as powerful as ever.

Carrie not only SLAYED her performance – she also walked away with the night’s top honor (which she shared with Thomas Rhett, thanks to a first-ever tie) – Entertainer of the Year!

CARRIE UNDERWOOD: A Certified Country Queen 


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