Tee Gentry


The patrons enjoying the day

The Masters. The golf, the patrons, Magnolia Lane, pimento cheese sandwiches….wait, what? Yes, pimento cheese sandwiches. There is nothing like walking the course and having lunch while looking out over the world’s prettiest place on earth, full of the best golfers. But, let’s face it, not everyone will be able to go, but you can eat like you’re at the Masters!

I did this one year. They call it Taste of the Masters Hosting Kit, serving 12-14 people. Pimento cheese, egg salad, Masters’ potato chips, Masters’souvenir plastic cups, a pack of 12 coasters, and don’t forget the Masters’ cookies!

Eat like you’re at the Masters.

The only thing you’ll need to buy extra is the bread. It doesn’t ship well. I recommend Captain John Derst’s bread if you can find it.

Check out Taste of the Masters here.

I am constantly amazed when I go to the tournament at the prices of food and drink. It has to be the most affordable food at a major sports event. Ten bucks will get you a few sandwiches, a soft drink or beer, and a cookie, and you’ll get change. I’ve been to a few NFL games, and $10 will barely get you a beer.

After a long day on the course, Downtown Augusta is an excellent option for foodies, too!